Jackie Langa Project Manager and Festival Director

Jackie Langa is a New York transplant, legal professional, visionary motivator and current Vice President and Treasurer of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. She has lived in the San Fernando Valley for over 40 years and served 8 years in various positions on The Museum’s board where she doggedly championed successful museum partnerships. She has implemented unique Museum exhibitions, and bolstered The Museum’s Public Art Initiative by engaging local San Fernando Valley artists to become part of its program, create historic masks and paint historic murals in and about the Valley. She came into the nonprofit world by happenstance through L.A. Fellows at Los Angeles Valley College after leaving her job at 20th Century Fox Film Corp. and found that this is what she had been searching for since she left New York – receiving the unforeseen gift of appreciation as a volunteer at this Museum. She is currently President of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.  Please contact her at [email protected].