Jackie Langa DCA Grant Project Manager and Festival Director

Jackie Langa is a New York transplant, legal professional, visionary motivator and current Vice President and Treasurer of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. She has lived in the San Fernando Valley for over 40 years and served 8 years in various positions on The Museum’s board where she doggedly championed successful museum partnerships. She has implemented unique Museum exhibitions, and bolstered The Museum’s Public Art Initiative by engaging local San Fernando Valley artists to become part of its program, create historic masks and paint historic murals in and about the Valley. She came into the nonprofit world by happenstance through L.A. Fellows at Los Angeles Valley College after leaving her job at 20th Century Fox Film Corp. and found that this is what she had been searching for since she left New York – receiving the unforeseen gift of appreciation as a volunteer at this Museum.

Carolyn Uhri Graphics, Advertising and Brand/Marketing Director

Carolyn Uhri has been a ‘Valley Girl’ all of her life living in both North Hollywood and Sherman Oaks. She attended Los Angeles Valley College, UCLA and California State University at Northridge, before working at NBC Studios in their art department. From 1995-2001, she worked at Thomas Perlmutter & Associates, an advertising agency based in Calabasas as a creative director and graphic designer.

Carolyn became part of the Valley art scene in 2005 as a board member of the non-profit Valley Institute of Visual Art (VIVA Gallery) and was president of VIVA from 2009-2012. In 2011, she started the San Fernando Valley Arts Alliance (SFVAA) under the directorship of the San Fernando Valley Arts Council, when need of a more unified and powerful presence for the Valley’s art organizations became apparent.

One of her main goals was to find a location for the San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center. In 2014, she signed the lease on a 4,595 square foot property in Tarzana, CA that was a successful creative community hub, as well as a gallery, workshop, meeting and live performance space. Since the pandemic and closure of the Center in July 2020, the SFVACC has transitioned to an all-virtual entity, with Carolyn still at the helm.

Jessica Steiner – Outreach & Volunteers Director

Jessica is a recent graduate of California State University, Northridge (CSUN), double majoring in Anthropology and Asian American Studies. She is a former student intern and current community consultant for CSUN’s Asian American Studies Pathways Project (AASPP). In AASPP, Jessica works to promote the general welfare of the Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Desi-American (APIDA) communities on, off, and beyond CSUN’s campus. While at CSUN, she was an integral part of several initiatives, such as founding the League of Asian & Pacific Islander Students, working closely with CSUN Student Outreach and Recruitment to improve APIDA student engagement and retention, and developing programs to promote wellbeing of APIDA students and the general CSUN student body. As she transitions into the workforce and a graduate program at CSUN, Jessica continues to be an active community member and change-maker in the San Fernando Valley.

Maya Kimia – Metrics Director

Maya Kimia is a California native born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. She is first generation American on her dad’s side (Iran) and second generation on mom’s side (grandparents from Czechoslovakia and Romania.) Maya is a current graduate student working on a Masters of Arts degree in linguistics from California State University, Northridge (CSUN.) As an undergrad she worked with many Jewish nonprofit organizations on the CSUN campus. She is planning to work in the library, museum, and nonprofit world. With the Museum and the Pan-Asian Pacific Arts & Cultural Festival, as well as in tandem with a historical anthropology course, her focus is helping, learning, and creating forms of metrics/data.